June 6, 2023

Neay Krouch officially leaves CTN

Comedian Neay Kroch has finally decided to leave CTN, where he has been building his fame for more than 10 years. The decision to leave Neay Krouch now comes after comedian Neay Pakmee, a comedian in the group, also decided to resign from CTN.

According to a short video posted on Facebook, Mr. Orange said, “Today is the day I left CBS and the day I officially ended my contract here.
He said that if I go anywhere, wait for you to watch the next video, and today I took back the contract, card and license plate to CTN.

He confirmed that he has already signed a contract termination with CBS and he also received a certificate of employment who has worked here for more than 10 years to find a new job.
However, Neay Kroch thanked CTN for helping him become famous on the street art from the beginning until today, and without CTN, he would still be today.

Neay Krouch and Neay Pakmee and some other co-stars decided to walk away from CTN after they seemed to express their displeasure with the new Indian leader.
The dissatisfaction was due to the fact that the foreigners were too restrictive for the staff as they also demanded that the CTN management resolve the issue before they decided to leave.

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