Virtual galleries selling fine art

Physical art exhibitions allow you to get inside the gallery hall and enjoy the artworks in a set time at a set place for a limited time period.

But now you don’t have to travel to a gallery to view and purchase artwork if you are too busy with work.

All you have to do is download the YouAdMe app to your smartphone and access the Angkor Art category and you can shop for several dozen things through it.

“Angkor Art has a category of its own in YouAdMe’s ‘Shop’ section,” said Zhi Ying, chief commercial officer of YouAdMe, a social e-commerce platform business that operates in Singapore, Cambodia and the Philippines.

She says that the name YouAdMe is derived from the words You-Advertise-Me. “‘You’ the consumer helps ‘Me’ the business owner to ‘ADvertise’ the business’ products and services based on your own experiences”.

According to the company, YouAdMe is a mobile application that allows creative individuals or artists to showcase their works and connect with a larger audience through a unique digital structure that supports them in a digital gallery setup with network building, marketing promotions and logistics coordination.

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