Keo Koliyan Highlights Villa just inaugurated

More and more show of luxury for the former national actor Keo Kalyan. She is still seen as not involved in the arts for many years, but she has a business in her business, the business grows until she achieves her goals. The new house that she posted is beautiful and attractive to the public and friends.

Former actresses in the 80s and 90s, Keo Kalyan, held a housewarming ceremony on the evening of June 25, 2022 in Sen Sok district, with close friends such as Yuthara Chany, Ung Bunleap and Ek. Amara, Rath Rachana and Yok Tith Ratha. According to estimates, Kalyan’s detached villa is worth no less than $ 300,000, and before moving into the new house, she told reporters that she had sold the villa she had built in the style of a Thai aristocrat. To get money for her two sons and daughters to continue their studies abroad, she bought a new villa near the old house and left some money to support her children’s education. Note that on the day of the new villa, Keo Kalyan did not show her husband, that is, she only took pictures with friends, while in the past she said that her husband was a businessman.

Of the three children, two boys and her eldest daughter, Keo Lavinh is also an actress, having starred in a few dramas with extraordinary acting talent. Ms. Kalyan seems to have stopped her daughter from performing, wishing to go abroad to study, get her knowledge back, and return to the arts or whatever, depending on her. The main thing is that she is afraid of being rumored to fall in love when she is young. The former celebrity is still planning to get married. Recently, some big productions called Kalyan to remake the movie as a mother, but Kalyan said she has no plans to return to her old career.

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