Koum Ponnadeth goes out to sing with his wife after appearing to have a poor life

There was a surprise when they saw the presence of Mr. Khum Ponnadeth and Youk Thit Ratha singing together in the program “Srok Sre Music”. Both of them participated in recording the above program by smiling at each other during the performance. It is known that Det has rarely appeared like this for many years, and the re-appointment as a singer, while the public knows that both of them are experiencing economic crisis.

The love affair between Tith Ratha and Ponnadeth commune has been maintained for more than 16 years after the two stars got married in 2006, and now they have three children (one girl) and Ratha says she has no plans to have more children. That is because she gave birth to three children and underwent three surgeries, which made her feel unhealthy, especially with heart failure. Ratha added that her husband, Mr. Khum Ponnadeth, agreed to sing like this because at the request, and in the past, he used to say that he still loves the art, not giving up, taking the time to sing one by one as shown. This. On the other hand, the fans still want us to sing together on stage, so we follow the wishes of the fans. Ratha does not yet know whether her husband will continue to appear on other stages or not, just waiting for Mr. Det.

Ms. Youk Tith Ratha and her husband, Mr. Khum Ponnadeth, are facing serious deterioration in their recent lives after the couple spent almost all of their money to sell their property to fight with a businessman with a thick back. . But Ratha is determined that she will not give up on her rivals, even if she has to borrow money from them to fight, she must fight to the end.

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