Keo Pechta erupts in dispute with a Facebook account owner

Singer Meng Keo Pechta had a heated argument with a Facebook account owner who tried not to use bad words under what she posted.

It is not known if the account holder, Sokun bella, had any previous disputes with Meng Keo Pechta, but according to the star, the accountant is always on social media. Because of her impatience, Ms. Meng Keo Pechta also released an unsolicited message from the above Facebook account, which caused a heated argument. With the above message, Ms. Meng Keo Pechta Also attached to the message posted on her Facebook account that a little while ago, a female noodle came to accuse me of playing a few Fake Akon, when I asked it to the Ministry of Interior to check and run away from the shadows, Noodles vomited!
Nowadays, who believes in the words of a monkey eating a goat’s mouth like noodles? If it is clear, why do you have seizures and run?
Anyway, she’s sorry, brothers and sisters, I have been patient for a long time, I do not want to, but now I would like to ask for a ghost, a ghost, a forest, a hollow, a hidden face.

She confirmed that I know it, it’s too aggressive since FB, PakTTok YouTube, if it goes to the toilet, I get it again.
She said that I am not a quarrel to sell online, if someone comes in, the verse is not good, I will respond in a good way, but if they come in and insult me, I will not forgive, because I am a good and pure person, what should be allowed? The people of this market, it curses that optional destruction.

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