wow! elephant save baby elephant from crocodile (video)

Many elephants were foraging at the riverbank when they came across a ferocious crocodile that bit the elephant until it screamed in the forest.

elephants, The kindest and most peaceful animals! They don’t leave their people in trouble and are not even afraid to go out against a crocodile. I don’t think the crocodile knew what the hell he was doing.

OMG I’m cringing an elephant’s trunk is so incredibly sensitive, that must have been absolutely excruciating, poor baby. amazing, notice how they all got the smaller elephants out of the way, and then the OG bull elephant comes to put him in his place.

He did not keep going, he went up and helped the poor elephant! I know it’s bad but after this, I couldn’t stop laughing because the elephant screaming noises sounded hilarious! also, on the first day out of the crocodile academy, Picks a fight with an elephant, nearly stomped to death, Crocodile life.

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