Sea Turtle Emerges From The Sea Incredible occasion the world’s largest

The world’s largest sea turtle emerges from the water onto the sand at this precise moment, It’s a magnificent leatherback turtle that appears to have emerged from the water to relax on the sand.

Sea turtles are majestic creatures and this one spotted by tourists on a beach is the world’s largest. The Leatherback Turtle was seen emerging from the sea in an unknown location, resting in the sand and then heading back just to disappear in the waves.

Leatherback turtles are usually dark grey or black with a few white spots. To see this amazing specimen for yourself, watch the video of the one spotted on the beach.

many of these incredible turtles while fishing off the Northern California coast. Difficult to see in this video but they have orange patterns on their neck. They can dive down to 1800 feet. These gentle giants’ primary food is jellyfish.

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